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Commercial Pilot License

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course is a comprehensive and rigorous training program designed to prepare individuals for a career as a professional pilot in the commercial aviation industry. This course is a crucial step for those who aspire to fly aircraft for airlines, cargo companies, or private charter services.

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AgeEducationFlight School in US FloridaMedical Fitness
Minimum age of 17 yearsCompletion of 10+2 with Physics and MathematicsYour Path to Becoming a PilotMeeting Class II & Class I Medical Certificate

Your Path to Becoming a Pilot

Course Details & Structure

Registration and Enrolment

Begin your journey by registering and enrolling in our Commercial Pilot Program.

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Ground School (Three Months)

Dive into intensive training, encompassing CPL (All Subjects), ATPL (Written & Oral), PPL(Composite). Gain the knowledge to pass your CPL exams and apply it practically in your aviation career.

Flight Training at US Florida (Six Months)

Conduct your Flight Training at US Florida Flight. It offers the perfect sunny weather for Flying. It provides favourable weather throughout year. Flying training is possible in all types of terrain like Desert, Forest, mountains & city.

Focus: Develop standard operating procedures, skills, instrument flying, upset recovery, IFR cross countries, and more.
Simulator Training: Enhance your instrument flying skills using our state-of-the-art flight simulator.
Single Engine & Multi-Engine Training: Progress from single-engine to multi-engine training, encompassing multi-crew operations, complex airplane handling, and asymmetric handling.
Skills Test: Culminate your training with a skills test on a multi-engine airplane, a prerequisite for applying for your DGCA license.

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License Conversion (Two Months)

Preparation & Conversion: AFE will provide complete assistance in your CPL Conversion Process & will also equip you with valuable knowledge for airline job interviews and type rating programs.
Embark on your pilot career journey With US Flight  Academy now!

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