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Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Together, our team is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals and providing you with the support and guidance you need throughout your journey. We look forward to assisting you on your path to success!

Captain karan (1)

Captain Karan Gupta - Training Advisor

Karan brings a strategic perspective to our counseling team. His guidance goes beyond the immediate choices, helping students envision and plan for a successful future.

Paaras Moudgil

Paaras Moudgil - Admission Visa Counselor

Paaras adds value to the team with his seniority and understanding. Apart from better counseling he also looks after the Visa process and maintains the smoothness in process for Candidates to fly for their flying.

Pragati Sahi - Marketing Specialist and Admission Counselor

Pragati Sahi - Marketing Specialist and Admission Counselor

Pragati puts her Aviation Marketing Expertise to the tasks where branding is requires. Her content curative talents Ads cherry on top. She puts her skills and knowledge at best to counsel for Admission and guides all Pilots to be.

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Kajal ( Admission Counselor )

Admission Counselor: Kajal is your friendly guide through the admissions process. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she ensures that every student's journey begins smoothly and confidently.

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Lalita ( Senior Admission Counselor )

Lalita is a seasoned expert in admissions counseling. Her years of experience and dedication make her a mentor for both students and fellow counselors a like.

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